Submissions from 2015-10-19 to 2015-10-26 (2 total)

Better late than never! Really tried to push myself with this one — used an actual person for pose reference and tried again to get detailed and thoughtful with my character design. Had a lot of fun referencing Fire Emblem armor (heheh, fire) and Rei's Hino's gorgeous eyes and attacks! Hopefully I can get 2x caught up this week with Jupiter and Saturn. I got a liiiittle ahead of myself putting Saturn in the background here, but we can pretend Jupiter has big big rings!~

(Oops, I've been forgetting to post these here as I finish!)

Things I'm channeling here:

Mars the God of War: Two daggers, battle stance, and a horned helmet
Mars the planet: Red color palette, sandy desert hair, floating rocks forming the body

I'm really proud of this one, although the details of the piece get a bit muddled with some of the color and shading choices. The drawing actually looks best against a white background, but for consistency with the rest of the series, she's on a black background here.

Actual size: 32x64
Palette: Atari 2600