Submissions from 2015-10-12 to 2015-10-19 (3 total)

(Oops, I've been forgetting to post these here as I finish!)

In this one I wanted to focus on trying to transition her brown feet to a green torso, making her body look like a plant stalk, while giving her bright, green hair as her "leaves"

So far, this is my absolute favorite one of the series. My favorite part is her dangling arm and how you can actually distinguish it from the rest of her green body and green hair

Actual size: 32x64
Palette: Atari 2600

I was at a loss at first not having a Sailor Scout to base my concept off of when the Neopets Earth Faerie came to mind. I began looking up Tinkerbell reference images, knowing I didn't want just a cute woodland fae to exemplify Earth. I quickly discovered Tink's sister Periwinkle and how adorable they are together. With a little help from watching too much Steven Universe, I had my Earth idea!

The two faerie lovers of Land and Sea! Together they fuse to form Mother Earth, but separately they are two darling queer pixie babes that help flowers and plants grow and keep the ocean floor mysterious. ♥

Took inspiration from the goddess of the same name, representing womanliness and beauty (as well as love) so decided to do this princess having some me-time. I also kinda drew from the venus adverts for womens razors ok