Submissions from 2015-03-19 to 2015-03-20 (1 total)

Took another break mostly out of lack of time, other obligations, etc. I got back into it a bit tonight when I realized I hadn't updated Docker in a very long time (as in, I was on version 0.4.6 circa June 22, 2013) on my desktop at home. Upon updating that, also built the docker client for the BeagleBone Black.Unfortunately (and rather expectedly), the daemon wouldn't build.

After playing around with that a bit, I started prototyping a Forth implementation in Go. I got as far as defining a couple structures implementing a common word header (name & flags mostly.) They also satisfy a common interface which includes a codeword function. The linked version iterates through the functions executing them, while the func struct runs a single function defined in the structure. This seems like a pretty straight forward way to implement this, but I'll likely play around with other methods out of curiosity.