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Pretty short on time this week, so I had to go for the obvious fall-back: a sort of directionless, minimal acid improv. Tanzmaus, x0xb0x and a little SP-303, with a couple of echo pedals. Recorded on a Portastudio and mixed to 1/4" tape.

Takes a couple minutes to get going.

WB19 07 CDDA.wav92mb

Yamaha TG33 (original patches only) + a few big chains of pedals and rack effects of dubious reputation.

WB19 05 Sun Rises Over Procedural Trees CDDA TAPE MASTER.wav47mb

Full blown space rock, with apologies to Dave Brock for biting his guitar riffs.

My ears were pretty shot by the time I mixed this, listening back to it now I think the bass and kick are too deep to translate well and compete with each other too much, but over all I'm OK with it. Not like I can hear anything down there on my monitors anyhow.

Mostly overdubbed in Reaper in single long takes, with a little bit of step sequencing in obvious parts. I'm also not a drummer even when I'm not dealing with interface latency so I had to tighten up the timing of the drums (which are a sort of haphazardly cobbled together early 90s electronic drum kit made from some free triggers a friend traded to me, a kick pedal someone left in my parents' basement when I was in high school, and the cheapest old Yamaha drum brain I could find on eBay) but I tried to keep them as loose as I could get away with, mostly just moving everything back a few ticks to keep it on the grid, and fixing a few late snare hits; the kick was programmed separately on a DR-110 and doubled as a click track.

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WB19 02 Plasma Engine TAPE MASTER CDDA.wav54mb

Resubmitting so I won't be a week out of sync all year, because I missed the first deadline by a couple hours and didn't notice.

WB19 01 20190106 Interstellar Broccoli Overdrive TAPE MASTER CDDA.wav134mb