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spent a few hours on this one. best one yet

just wanted to take a break from drawing lol @;

More hair practice - really good for getting comfortable with lines almost forgot to post here lol was about to sleep zzz ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ช

trying to create some story ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Wanted to try shading with the ink pen

drawing a friend ๐Ÿ™„ posting this before it gets destroyed by ink ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…

got carried away and didn't follow ref for most of the body ๐Ÿ˜ซ

more practice totally didnt shade black to hide something ๐Ÿ˜…

first time using inks lol so hard without ctrl z.. totally didnt just miss 8 days huehue

need heeeeeeeeeeeeeaaps of practice .. cant shade and limbs too long lma0

practicing with the brush from yesterday

"Like an army of soldiers they stand tall, slowly but surely do they meet their metallic doom"

Shave would be an online VR 1st and 3rd person survival game where you as the player are armed with extreme amounts of hair from head to toe. Players would initially look like they're wearing ghillie suits each equipped with rather unconventional weapons to get the job one. From butter knife and waxing strips to paper shredder or lawnmower players would use these to humiliate other players by shearing them till they share similar resemblance to fresh spawn from Rust. I imagine players would strategically circle opponents similar to a '1v1 me knife only' duel in CSGO except with razors, scissors etc. A player's health would be relative to how much hair they had left and considering you would use VR controls, players would have hair missing in all sorts of places. A comical game aimed at a more mature audience however the idea itself could be implemented into a 2D top down format with way less visuals.


Unlike your clichรฉ claw machine simulator, in this VR survival game you as the player take on the role of a plushy or ball. In regards to the VR you would be required to wobble your head to shake and move your character out of the crane's grasp. You would also be able to shake your character in a situation where you are being hoisted up and need to get down. Players participating are given their character at random, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if you were a big teddy bear you could use your size advantage to purposely get taken first and then slightly jiggle to drop(we all know how weak the cranes are) and ultimately prolong the game. Alternatively you could trap other players in weird angles so they can't wiggle and evade the crane. The game itself would feature a front facing camera on your character which would mean only if you were facing up you would see the crane. Facing down however would only let you see your friends when you're being hoisted up. Last man squirming, set in a claw machine thing surrounded by players wiggling for their lives.


Naรฏve adventurers tend to learn things the hard way. Some bosses just can't be killed no matter how determined you may be. You as the player, are hidden behind rocks or leaves, strategically waiting out the inevitable death of a brave warrior. When the warrior dies, they are replaced with a gravestone. Gravestones exist to detail what is available to claim after a certain amount of time. Using this information, you must then decide whether to expose yourself and claim what is available or remain hidden till an item of more value is available. Revealing yourself enables free movement and the ability to fire one of three arrows from your bow. Be sure to only claim what you can whilst avoiding other players in the premises. Lest we forget the undefeated boss, who operates with limited vision and irregular movement. In this game, claiming loot takes time and immense pressure. Go solo or against online players with the boss as either CPU or player controlled. The decision to rush rounds for loot or prolong time for better items is entirely up to you. Loot gained reflects how much experience you gain. Levelling up grants one skill point to either upgrade your bow, movement or detection skill.



In this 2D top down game you are a wondering salesman who has mastered every greeting and has google secretly preloaded on their mobile phone. You have been deployed in a major commercial intersection such as Times Square and must successfully attract potential customers by first pressing keys bound to a particular greeting. Greetings that are applicable to people within your perimeter will initiate an engagement meter. The engagement meter (which will differ based on how much of a hurry that person is in) will continue to decrease if you fail to intrigue your naรฏve victim with knowledge. This is where the google feature comes in handy, before the engagement meter depletes to zero you must accumulate knowledge such as current positions of power or even geographical knowledge. Consecutively providing relevant answers will convince and convert your sales victim into a loyal monthly subscriber. Repetitive play will not only ensure high scores but ultimately expand your general knowledge.


Lingo would be a mobile party game primarily aimed at adults who aren't particularly fond of modern text lingo. A spin off from Chinese Whispers where information is passed around in a circle, you are instead required to decipher one word from a paragraph full of SMS language and then send the edited text to the next person. The last person has the honour of reading out the decrypted paragraph which probably is way off from what the text had originally meant.

Alternatively, you may attempt a solo quick fire mode where within a time limit you are required to either rewrite the abbreviation into its proper form or if it's the correct word you must insert the abbreviation.

This is a game that aims to educate adults especially parents with cyberslang so they can be cool kids too or so they can spy on your tweets and messages and find out what you're up to.

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6 days of blood, sweat and tears has left you bathing in chocolate, smothered head to toe with m&ms.

In addition to following Saitama's daily routine, flexing in front of the mirror and calling yourself bigger than any athlete, you've been on a 'diet' for months and only you know why you're not making any gains.

Cheat day would be a game that features various modes such as Snack smuggler. A mini game where you are required to hide your stash of junk food around the house or in your clothes away from friends and family. You've also got to eat your junk food in various places such as at the gym when your personal trainer isn't looking without leaving traces such as packaging or crumbs on your face or clothes. So, you've got to strategically time your crunches, not your ab crunches but the bites into your Cadbury Crunchie bar.

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Shield would be a simple mobile endless runner in which you as the player are manipulating a shield around the runner. As the runner navigates across various obstacles, you are required to block projectiles with the shield and swipe at anything that may slow or block your path. You start the game as a worn out wooden shield and must earn gold by successfully completing levels to upgrade your shield as well as unlock various types of abilities. These abilities will aid the player with temporary effects such as slow-motion for tight situations, temporary immunity or with simple things such as a bigger shield. The game would implement modes where the shield can degrade when taking too much damage ultimately forcing the player to only block what is necessary and being able to take damage at the right time.

You would be able to play online against friends or strangers in time trials or in a mirror mode where players are on the opposite side of the map.


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