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level 50 artist reporting for duty

I AM afraid of drawing. I always put it off to last minute before bed. It's holding back my artistic development

time to check out the other pages of the how to draw garfield book

5 minute full body sketches then tried some cleanup afterward

My fingers are still tender from not playing guitar forever. Ran out of time and couldn't finish, some pretty lack luster parts but w/e.

2 minute garfield sketches, trying to start with smooth pen and get good lines instead of sketching on top of rough lines (as u can see.. its very hard)

A submission for Daily Art

I finished all the draw garfield tutorials in my "How to draw Garfield" book. The question I have to answer: if I draw other garfield characters.. does that count for drawing garfield? I think I'd have to draw both for it to count

I think I gotta change up my strategy... less time per garfield.. more garfield

also I traced over my sketch on the wrong layer and spent a ton of time with the erase tool :(

holy smokes this may be my magnum opus

A submission for Weekly Music 2020 1

Cross posting all my weekly beats here. Good luck this year everyone.

I haven't played guitar in some 1 year (since last weekly beats), so my fingers were in much pain so I kinda rushed through recording things.

I still need to decide what style of music I will focus on this year. This is me continuing where I left off in 2018.

REFERENCE: How To Draw Garfield And The Gang (C) 1996

this is the 1800th day of this streak

I made it to the third page of "How to draw Garfield and the gang." Previously undrawn territory.

A submission for Daily Art

Working on a new keyboard model. I'm still learning a lot despite that this thing looks pretty similar to the last. Already spent hours on this, UV & texturing will come another day

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