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oh GOSH my sleep. BTW.. what comes after garfield.....🤔

Heck.. stayed up too late again

Why yes, it's a monday. Sorry friends, only a short sesh tonight

Okay.. Really starting to wonder if this much time is worth it

As I ink garfield's head for the umpteenth time... I wonder what the point of all of it is

We're back baby. My new garfield website works like a charm. I think that since it's the home stretch I gotta try to do these 9 grids every day. To be realistic.. I gotta allocate 2 hours buffer before bed to draw.. do i have what it takes?

Alright, the garfield site I was using NEVER came back (I even emailed the host but got no response). so I built my own

dude there are less than 20 days left of garfield for me.. What the heck

A modern garfield for the modern jon

The garfield randomizer chose this date for me, not me

its too late, gotta go to bed

Friends, I'm not putting my all into drawing because I'm too much of a coward to not wait until late at night to draw.

Garfield getting smashed with his bro before coronavirus kills jon

Had to go to the official garfield website cuz it looks like the site I was usin aint comin back

Wow this was a long session. 10 mins for each square (about) then touchups afterwards

bonus gif: https://leafo.net/dump/73.gif

I've still got a ways to go before I reach mastery

Im stuck in 1996 cuz the garfield website I use is still down. hope my browser cache doesn't clear

The website where I was browsing through all the garf comics disappeared :(

wow, this was the first physical Garfield I've really done this year. I felt like my hands were shaking constantly when I inked, I think I'm a little to used to drawing on tablet.

I also forgot to erase much of the pencil before putting on the watercolor, woops

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