Submissions by J'owl tagged idm-jazz

I k now it's been taking me a little longer to finish these things with everything going on, but I'm pretty happy with this one.
Continuing with using the sax as the only sound source- I sampled, pulled into the sampler in Logic and resampled, which allowed me to play chords and a bassline with my sax. I'd say this is probably the most complex I've gone into sampling my sax to create a song.

I'm looking at dropping an EP of these songs after the beginning of the year if anyone is interested. Thank you for your input as always.

Going back to where I left off before my hiatus and continuing creating songs that use only my sax for the source for samples. This includes programming beats in DM-1 using key tapping samples I recorded using my sax, then running those programmed sequences through various effects in Logic Pro. Not as much melodic playing on this one, just a couple lines to break it up a bit.
Overall I'm pretty happy with how this came out. Definitely going on the planned EP of songs created in a similar manner.

Continuing with last week's challenge of using only my sax to create all the source sounds, I've decided to take what I learned last week and push it even further. Hopefully you guys dig it as much as last week's.

I had a little more time this week to work something out. Toying with different experiments on my drum tracks. Also going through some personal shit that's kinda got me down and it appears to be reflected a little bit in this song.

For this song I used the following:
-DM - The Drum Machine
- Logic Pro (DAW/various effects)
- Alto Saxophone

Yet another jam... I swear I'm going to get back into writing studio tracks. I've just been trying to do more live streaming, so I figure I'll kill two birds.
I like the sounds/settings that I used in this jam a lot, but I'm still unhappy with the mix. This time the sax seems too quiet in comparison to the rest of the mix. Also, I recorded it a bit hot, so there's a little digital distortion, which I actually kind of like, but definitely not my intention.
My intention with these jams is to release the best (my favorite) ones on bandcamp as free downloads named after the people who "vote" or "react" the most during my performance. I like the ideas presented in this jam, so I'll be re-recording this before I release it on bandcamp.

Not my best improv jam, but not my worst (close). Adjusting to being back to work after vacation has been more tiring than expected, plus I had a gig with my other project, so I just got around to doing any of my own music until today.
Some cool ideas in this, but I feel my mix is off. The sax is a bit louder than I like it in the mix and the drums don't seem as blended with my backing synth lines. I was determined to get something posted to, so here it is. Made some alterations to my jamming rig.

Was on vacation this past week with no time to work on music, so here's an outtake from last week's submission. I'll be back on my game this next week... hopefully.

Yet another improv jam because that's all I've had time for, though I did finish up that album I was working on, so hopefully I can find time to write something new this week on my vacation. :)

Been busy prepping for shows and working on an album that I don't want to leak anything from yet, so another live improvisation will have to do for this week.

This week my workflow was quite a bit different from all my previous submissions. This week's piece was recorded live during a stream I did on Krue. This is just a live improvisation, so you may hear a couple missed notes. :/

For this song I used the following:
- PO-12 Pocket Operator ran through a
- KP2 Mini Korg Kaoss Pad, manually synced to
- Xzynthesizr running off an iPad
- MicroKorg running through an
- Afterneath pedal
- Alto Saxophone ran through a
- BOSS RV-3 pedal using a
- Shure clip-on mic

This was recorded live to my laptop, bounced out to MP3 and pulled into
-Logic Pro for some clean up (EQ, level adjustment, etc.)

*No movie sample this week

This week I sat down again with nothing really in mind and just started working on drum sounds and built the song up from there. Overall I'm pretty happy with this track, so it may see an official release on a future EP.

For this song I used the following:
-DM - The Drum Machine
- Logic Pro (DAW/various effects)
- Alto Saxophone

*This week does a have movie sample, can you guess from which movie?