Submissions from 2017-06-26 to 2017-07-03 (5 total)

working on my album - and a remix version

8 tracks (drum rack of single-hit trap kit, handclaps, percussion, three electric pianos, guitar, bass). Funk. Half-way through the year!

Nothing special in production notes, other than my using the Glue compressor to side-chain the bass to the biamped/dual-filtered kick drum. (One resonant peak on the shell, one on the beater). The glue compressor gets a bit dirty on the peaks in a pleasing way. Also there are two different convolution reverbs with different small rooms for air on them.

Otherwise, lots of editing on the guitar to remove notes--not to hide mistakes so much as to make space.

Sunday, July 2, 9:10 - 11:50.

I am experimenting with using an iPad for working with software and external gear. The setup I'm trying at the moment is to use Modstep to control MIDI, and then recording directly into Logic Studio. I chose ModStep app for this process, since it's mostly pattern-based and therefore is pretty close to other pattern-based sequencers that I know.

This is a pretty huge mess of a song but doing stuff with hardware and iPad is kind of hard. I guess I'll upload this because it is an interesting live jam experiment.

Total time: 2h 40m, most of it trying to learn ModStep. There are a number of things it does strangely, like the fact that you can't record from its chord pads into the step sequencer that easily, but if I get some scenes set up it seems like it can at least do cool performance-oriented things.

Yet another improv jam because that's all I've had time for, though I did finish up that album I was working on, so hopefully I can find time to write something new this week on my vacation. :)

Found an old eight bar loop and expanded on it. Named this song using the superhero name generator.