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I camped at kirby cove two weeks ago...its heaven for wannabe photographers like me. Theres nothing particularly fancy about the technique in this pic, but i thought it captured a cool moment / scene so here it is.

edit: i'm gonna cheat and upload a few more pics i liked

This week I set out to learn about double-exposures. The picture was taken using in my Canon 70D's in-camera double-exposure mode and edited in Lightroom. Finding interesting silhouette and background to combine was definitely a challenge. I'll need a lot more practice with this technique. For now, this is the best picture I got for this week.

If you're interested in learning more about this technique, check out these videos:

Stumbled upon the Tiburon Classic Car Show after a hike this weekend and this Ferrari race car caught my attention.

ISO 100




I don't have anything exciting to share this week, but awhile back I got the opportunity to shoot with Joe Azure, an incredible bay area landscape photographer. We met up with the entire Smug Mug crew at Kirby Cove to shoot the sunrise. It was 5:30am and it started to rain for about 30mins, we were all standing on the beach in the dark scrounging to find waterproof bags to protect our cameras. After the rain stopped and the clouds started to separate, we knew that we may have all the right ingredients for a beautiful sunrise. Sure enough the purples and pinks appeared in the sky and we all started firing our remote shutter release cables. This picture was taken with a 17-40mm lens, at a 2 minute exposure, and I made a few lighting adjustments in photoshop.

I'm thinking about going back there this weekend to do another early morning shoot, that is if I can convince my fiancé to walk in the dark with me down the mountain at 5am! ; )