Submissions from 2019-03-11 to 2019-03-18 (11 total)

Since I'm still listening a lot to later Talk Talk, this week's piece bears some influence--I wanted something that resisted settling down, collaged together from a lot of loose improvisation. I used a drum rack of Ableton's 64-pad jazz drums, some handclaps, and improvised with some Fahey-tuned Univox hollow body. Keys and bass came later, and for extra texture stretched some of the guitar lines and put them through reverb only.

Sends: two convolution reverbs and one channel of echo. Little touches of auto-pan and auto-pan tremolo throughout. And some M4L Humanizer on the drums. Full-chain master on the 2.

Title from two applications of europium: in the bright reds of CRTs and in memory chips.

Still really busy, but here's a kind of a break chopping exercise to get back up to speed on the MPC2000xl, with some other samples thrown on top but not really a complete thing. Mixed quickly through an old Mackie Micromix.

WB19 11 CDDA.wav43mb

Got a new toy late last week, a Dreadbox/Polyend Medusa. Had a fairly busy weekend so only just managed to have a proper play with it, and these are the results.

Trusty old PO-33 on the drums.

Mega acid jam ... trying to up my acid game to get pretty out there ... kinda spiritual didgeridoo stuff. Imagine blaring at sunset in the desert from my jam van. Take didn't exactly go as planned but out of time now ;D ;D ;D

So lots of backstory:

I do sound design for a few small theatre companies in my area. This week I worked on finalizing the design for a play called Not Medea. Skipping actual plot points, it references a classic Greek tragedy about betrayal, loss, and anger and directly mirrors and plays with elements of that tragedy. There is even a Greek Chorus character.

This song is a medley of the music I wrote for this production. The play isn't a happy one in the end, as it deals with the loss of a mother's children. Also, it takes place during a thunderstorm. It also leaves off on an uncertain, but possibly hopeful note. I hope I did my music and design justice here. Enjoy!

tl:dr: I do music for theatre and this is some stuff I did.

Believe it or not, I was aiming to create a dance music track, but then this came out and I thought it was better.

What happened

  • I bought an Analog Four, but since it's pretty new still I was getting some sounds out of it but it was pretty boring and uninspiring.
  • I was running it through my Octatrack, which had a bunch of the samples from last week loaded into it
  • Yeah I don't know what happened either

Posting this from warsaw airport. Made fully in nanoloop (which deleted my progress twice because I switched to another app or something), converted to mp3 using cloudconvert.

I fancied writing a dub track with weird drum timings, yet in sequence and then give it an air of errieness. Drums are composed of samples with Hive on the chords. Serum plays the dub stabs.

Utilising some really old manky 8bit samples. They really are a pain to master, trust me. This has an unintentionally mid-90s Aphex vibe.