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another day.. another color over

more paintovers to experiment with different lighting

this is a mastercopy paintover of a layout from price of egypt as part of color and light workout

today's lesson was very spooky for some reason

day 8 - another one of these weird exercises

day 6 of color and light workout, another painting on top of layout

day 5 of color and light painting class. A paint over of a 2d sketch. I guess I'm a krita user now :)

day 4 of the color and light workshop. Another paintover... which I still feel guilty about for submitting to my streak... but here it is

This was a massive pain because the instructor heavily uses photoshop for brushes and his technique. azpainter didn't cut it so I retired it for krita. I don't really know krita too well though so a lot of fumbling, but I managed to map most of the techniques to krita successfully

i don't even know if this counts but it's a paint over for 3rd day of color and light workout

my program I use can't do the technique he used so I tried to fake it. I may have to switch to krita

Trying Color and Light Workout with Nathan Fowkes , first day is a master copy of Dingleton farm by Maxfield Parrish