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Oops missed a few days, here's my cat as a wizard

did you know vampire bats are basically sweet potatoes with wings?

Back on track! I showed my boyfriend my wolf boys & he said they looked like they had exploding farts ;_;

uh oh a wolf boy is skipping class

Tried using a brush pen, it was not easy ;_;

hmm, getting really unambitious during the weekdays

this is supposed to be three witches in a circle :p

summoning ectoplasm cat from the beyond

a cute witch summoning cats with forbidden magic

A tiny duck I bought at target. I wish I could more accurately convey that his hat is just a little piece of felt sticking out of its head

just some cuties from a jigsaw puzzle

Tried to color my horse string lights

A stocking for peter, me, pegasus & moss

Oops late submit! Tiny stuffed animal I bought at Ikea

An advent calendar to promote the first day of advent streak!

Princess mercury always has to protect her dumb little brother & his dumb space cat (she loves them anyway)

everything you need to make some biscuits

..not sure this needed to be drawn

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