More comments?

Would like a moment to encourage people to listen and comment on tracks if possible, it's a good encouragement for people and since there are only about seven of us now I'm starting to get used to people's music styles. I'll try here and there to get around to tracks and leave a comment.


Is there anything about the site that could be changed to encourage people to comment more?

Karma or ranks for comments ala discord?

Sorry this is super delayed, but one thing that might encourage more people listening would be to make sure the song link appears before the (More) rather than after. If I post long descriptions, people have to expand the description before they can listen to the song. Would be nice to be just able to play it.

Another way to improve comments would be to have timestamps and browsing on the player, so I can move the playhead back and forth and leave timestamp-based comments. For example, I can relisten to a part of the song at 1:38 and then I can say, "I noticed at 1:38 that..." in my feedback.

Karma and points are always good too, people like it when they are able to track their feedback. A cool measure I've seen on sites like Ludum Dare (a game dev competition) is a "coolness" measure, where they weigh comments received vs. games played. If you play lots of games and leave ratings, but don't have a lot on your own, your ranking goes up so it's more likely that your game is discovered (so you have an incentive to play other's games). That works better when there's dozens of entries.

WeeklyMusic is kind of small (same 4-6 people submitting each week) so I think it's more like us developing the culture of listening and leaving feedback.

I've been commenting way less than I should, out of the fact that much of my listening is during the work day, and I can't take time in that situation to write up helpful comments. Going to make an effort to fix that.