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music Эмелевская feat FLAFFYX - CYBERBAE (Xwinner prod.)

Rain25 · 8 days ago

havent yet been banned from this site. im retiring from shitposting anyway. i come up with one good shitpost idea per year and its boring to share them. if i write any more than that i just get bored af. and 1 shitpost a year is boring. i dont think shitposting is a sustainable thing. dunno but ive been meaning to retire from the shitpost for a while. pretty much already have. more interested in art and shit these days. art without words. i usually just subscribe to whatever harmony korine is talking shit about, this is a good interview of his thoughts on art and shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BosU39D2ZtY

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A submission by Rain25 for Daily Art Club

character design im working on

A submission by Rain25 for Daily Art Club

think id move the rotation exercise into no guide lines

A submission by Rain25 for Daily Art Club

2d symmetry exercise

music Дора - Дорадура

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potato exercise

i like the work of a user on this site named the chriggu. dont post that. that means u dont like the work of about 3 other ppl. art is the meaning of life. and not liking art is great. i dont know what the fuck youre talking about and neither do you dipshit. oh jaaaa. FUCKDRAWING but 3d drawing LOOKS COOL. bought a tablet i cant be dealing with the pen and the REGISTERING OF STROKES. ink my FAV ATM. dunno HAVE NOT BEEN DRAWING.

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