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Rain25 · 10 days ago

want to add more straightup sharp angles and straight lines to the non-scribbly ones.

dont know if i want to break off the lines and leave whitespace between lines. e.g. the bottomrightmost one. i try it and could be cool but i usually always end up going back to the connected line look pretty quick ehhhhh.

also want to go bigger eventually. like maybe if i just doubled the size of the standard size i draw, and put secondary details in. something like that could maybe happen in the next 50 hours, the secondary details maybe i should try and put them in. dunno. i dont really think that much about what im drawing so probably not gonna happen ever. it would be cool if they grew a bit. took up some more of the page. and they are, im adding more than 2 loops. some of them are 5 or 6 loops and going alright. i tried one big one above and it just gets boring quick. but some of them are definitely growing a bit, want to keep that going. i find it pointless to try and think about it like in the way im doing in this entire comment. caus tomorrow ill sit down and whatever i was talking about today, ill just end up drawing whatever i want to draw. so its pointless. i mean it makes itself. if all u do is make abstract, it just ends up making itself mostly. which i guess is cool. but im not really choosing what im drawing. maybe if i chose what i draw, maybe that would be cool. doubt it. sounds like work. nah i would like to some day actually learn how to draw i guess. but probably not anytime soon. too addicted to the abstract. i thought id be drawing landscapes by now. wha.. i cant draw landscapes

yea if i draw more pointy and straight bits in it that would be good. and somehow make them grow. dunno what else... want to try a flexible nib pen

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A submission by Rain25 for Daily Art Club

character design im working on

A submission by Rain25 for Daily Art Club

think id move the rotation exercise into no guide lines

A submission by Rain25 for Daily Art Club

2d symmetry exercise

music Дора - Дорадура

A submission by Rain25 for Daily Art Club

music Эмелевская feat FLAFFYX - CYBERBAE (Xwinner prod.)

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potato exercise

i like the work of a user on this site named the chriggu. dont post that. that means u dont like the work of about 3 other ppl. art is the meaning of life. and not liking art is great. i dont know what the fuck youre talking about and neither do you dipshit. oh jaaaa. FUCKDRAWING but 3d drawing LOOKS COOL. bought a tablet i cant be dealing with the pen and the REGISTERING OF STROKES. ink my FAV ATM. dunno HAVE NOT BEEN DRAWING.

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