Submissions from 2018-01-17 to 2018-01-18 (20 total)

A submission for Daily Art

Trying out showing the characters traveling on the world map. Not sure yet if this will work out good.

A submission for Daily Art

i was frustrated with this picture yesterday, but looking at it again today, it's not so bad. on the other hand, the second picture is some sad attempt at drawing

More work just like yesterday, finished a walk cycle. Still not ready to show.

A submission for Daily Art

The fun thing about learning animation has been animating such silly things | PB

A drawn re-gram of a dog that sorta looks like chewbacca

Testing the Markdown formatting
I ended up drinking some coffee to try to get some work done and not sleeping. I still have a little trouble drawing from imagination, but I'm certainly in a way better position than ever before. I will do more later, but for now I need to actually sleep. Onward...