Submissions from 2018-01-12 to 2018-01-13 (23 total)


A submission for Daily Art

Got busy with scrambling my life back together today. Only did a little bit of Zbrush practice work.


Someone wants 15-bit art (SNES) for a game, so here's some practice. Also a flipped version of a sprite from yesterday with a flipped shadow I worked on.

Testing out converting my first ever 3D character that I made years ago to my first ever 16-bit character. Palette is currently incorrect as this is a draft. C&C completely welcome and wanted. Still adjusting to this pixel world from 3D.

More fun with that funky sketch_ink brush in krita

Working with this Huion tablet has been very difficult for me, but I figure it will help me recalibrate my draftsmanship, kind of like a baseball player swinging six bats at once before using the one so they swing it six times as hard. In my case, by making it harder for me to draw figures from a contour, I'd be forced to think and work more gesturally as well. That, and I needed to be in a different section of my room to switch things up and fight this burnout some more. Onward...