A star warrior & her friends, the star triplets, get ready to battle a fallen star

got to get ready for bird streak!

She's taking a rest. Walking the stony path does take a toll.

A submission for Daily Art

Progress on the adventure game.

quick uggo doodle of a squirrel

A submission for Daily Art

A single man rowing towards stairs that go... nowhere?

I am not sure what this is, but I had fun painting it.

Had to cut off her feet. I had one very good loafer, but couldn't draw the other one ;_;

I needed to paint some stones again. In pixels, this time.

And a 1h study. I'm so bad at proportions.

Experimenting with rocks this time with 4 colors which was taken from my previous experiment. When making the rocks, I also checked photo reference, but couldn't follow the detail nor the shape. I tried different ways when making the rocks.

I tried making rock by making the outline first using some kind of polygon feature then fill with to turn it into the cluster. Then I added shapes with different colors inside the cluster.

The other ways I tried is making the outline first. After that I added more lines inside the outline. After that I gave it colors.