environmental work, kinda? working on a tropius fountain for my story. my gf also asked if i could draw a flower that's never been discovered before and i tried a few designs but i seriously lack the patience to color

Mossy · 32 days ago

@aromoma there are dozens of us, dozens, i say

i hope i stick around too, this place is good motivation to draw ^^

aromoma · 32 days ago

@Mossy gasp i didn’t know other aces existed! i’ve only heard of them in legend.

we should both def draw something for ace week! i forgot about it last year, hopefully i’ll remember this time

I’m not used to receiving compliments about my art so ty ☺️

a lot of people tend to come and go on this site but i hope you stick around!

Mossy · 33 days ago

@aromoma I went on your tumblr and saw that you're ace. What a coincidence, so am I 👀 I wanted to make something for ace week last year but I never did 😔 maybe this year...

Re: just posting here, that's a big mood, that's why I also don't post much elsewhere >.>

And thanks for the follow! I'm going to do the same on tumblr, I think your art is cool and I'd like to see more ^-^

aromoma · 33 days ago

@Mossy oh jeez, i'm kinda in the same boat. i have a tumblr (aromoma.tumblr.com) that i barely use and i forget i have. i might have posted some old art there. i'm not really active anywhere else except here because i'm not very confident in my abilities and i'm a lazy hobbyist.

i don't really use insta but i'll follow you because i think you draw pretty picturs 😊

Mossy · 33 days ago

@aromoma I technically have a few accounts but I mostly use them to follow other artists and rarely post. I guess you can check my instagram (@mossyquill) but there's not much there 😅
TBH you're not missing much, I draw very sporadically and have only been recently trying to draw more ^^

Do you have some place I could see more of your art?

aromoma · 34 days ago

@Mossy hey, thanks! top right is kinda my fave rn too, but I'll try out a few more designs before i settle...i was wondering if you had a tumblr or twitter or something i could check out to see some more of your art? just curious

Mossy · 34 days ago

at first I was like “ooh I like the top right, it looks like it has wings” but turns out I’m just don’t remember pokemon, tropius is grass/flying 😅
but very cool designs!

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i miss da snow

we got snowed in. still low motivation for drawing though

still in a creative rut. i just had a random outfit idea in my head and i had to get it out. i don't feel like investing more time in this picture

i haven't felt like drawing recently...but i don't want my skills to get stale

need to find something different to draw. just lazy

primrose and lopunny

ahhhhhh i messed up my streak because i got caught up doing something yesterday! now i'm back to my regularly planned routine

aha i had little patience for drawing today. had to settle on re-sketching the boy

whaaaaaaaaaatt am i doing

i may not be good at drawing environments, but this was pretty fun to sketch

thinking i should go with a simpler design for the fount

not a lot today

i improvised this outfit. its supposed to be like... a jacket hanging off of her shoulders but meh

ahaha. tired. this is all i can do for now

switched it up, did some bison study and...regular gestures too i guess

changed up the outfit slightly. i like it more this way

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