holy crap, i have completely forgotten what people looked like, i kept using this internal shorthand in my brain

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i have to brush up on my anatomy

hmm making progress

there's a lot of... life stuff...happening. found some time to draw today though

not quite finished

wooooah drawing

thumbnails on paper. will upload later

its gonna take me a few tries to get their designs the way i want

the story i've been working on has taken a wildly different direction. it started as a pokemon fanfic, but slowly i'm working on changing it to its own original idea

so i'll probably start re-designing or reworking the designs of characters that started as ideas from that fanfic. below is just a rough sketch of jade, the main character for this story

i need to uhh remember how to draw

trying to figure out how i want this non binary character to look

feeling a little better today. here's something

i haven't given up, not yet. i just haven't had the motivation or inspiration to draw recently. i wanted to draw more, but my pen was being wonky.
I'll deal with that issue later.

we got snowed in. still low motivation for drawing though

still in a creative rut. i just had a random outfit idea in my head and i had to get it out. i don't feel like investing more time in this picture

i haven't felt like drawing recently...but i don't want my skills to get stale

need to find something different to draw. just lazy

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