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trying to draw out the mc's family: dad, lil' bro, and mum

gonna keep drawing her until i can do it with my eyes closed.

A submission by aromoma for Daily Art Club

ugh. today was unproductive.

sketched out a former champion, a dragon master named sloane.

ah, did a better character concept for hailee, the ice-type gym leader. one of her older and younger. now that i look at it, i think i may need to change up the color palette in the future.

i thought i knew what i was doing, but i didn't. i'll have to think about this one and tackle it again another day

had to draw out a few characters for reference.

names (from left to right): Hailee, Alita, Prof. Sequoia
(below, left to right): Cyr, Noah, Sterling

temporarily free of work. gonna start drawing a lot more. i'm a lot happier with this map.

i sprained my wrist so i haven't been able to draw. trying to get back on the horse

i didn't know what else to draw today so i just inked this old picture.

worked on this a bit more. i feel like made it look worse

not sure how i feel about the colors right now

did a sketch of an elite four member who uses dragon-types. i reused an old outfit i drew on another character but who cares

its true what they say drawing does get easier overtime.

legs continue to elude me

gotta stay sharp

eventually i'll feel like coloring this. oh and today is my birthday

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