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she looks like she belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine lol

i probably shouldn't have spent so long on this, but oh well.

i've given up on file names, this one was named trhtrht

idk here's a map

gentle reminder to myself to use ref

eh, slightly improved. this'll probably be it going forward

unnamed character doodle

i did a quick portrait of one of my favorite youtubers natalie wynn or contrapoints.

seemed to have hit a creative low today

trying to design own trainersona who would def be a dragon type trainer and also someone who would have a mean face all the time but be big baby on the inside

sigh i might end up throwing this design out and starting from scratch. I'm not happy with it. maybe i've been working on this for too long

after looking up several different refs for hair, i can say with complete confidence that his hair will never look this good again

muh...didn't really feel like drawing today

my earnest attempt at trying to finish coloring a picture

didn't feel well enough to draw yesterday so i ended up breaking my streak. something about this pic looks off but i'm too tired to really fix it

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