you think after doing portraits i would suddenly understand how to draw faces but no

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we're in december. this has been a really weird year. part of me is glad its almost over, the other half is worried about what will come next

final day of nanowrimo. i've written 48k words so far, so today I'm hoping to finish strong

this lady did interesting poses

art dump! almost didn't upload today even though i definitely did draw. i've been going back and coloring some characters and trying to solidify mc's design

redrew 1st gym leader

can't believe thanksgiving is almost here

trying to break myself back in

trying to keep up

been more focused on writing for the past two days. scribbled this late

in the middle of coloring, i decided to name him jade. i also sketched out some other characters. tomorrow is november! gonna start writing then! wish me luck

started inking this

recolored and redrew her.

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