did another villager! pierce who i headcannon is a 30 year old body builder and my buff dad lol.

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progress. lol i feel like this is what i'll look like when i get old

working on a self portrait slowly

maybe i have gotten better...

some better faces....

you think after doing portraits i would suddenly understand how to draw faces but no

another portrait of my brother. this one was harder and I'm not COMPLETELY happy with it. i may do a self portrait tomorrow.

took approx ~6 hours.

i asked my brother to send me some pictures of himself so i can practice drawing. i started to feel like i overworked this picture but the brown background really adds some dimension to it. Spent maybe ~6-8 hours on this.

edit: posted a more finished version. think i'm done working on it for now

broke my streak but i didn't feel well enough yesterday to draw

drew in sketch book today. will upload later

incomplete lineart and sketch dumb. when i looked through some of my old artwork, it was horrendously bad. I have improved significantly over the years.

my cat was screaming while i did this

magical girl concept?

always a good day to practice

i always feel like i make the torso shorter than its supposed to be when i do these. its hard trying to train that out my brain

been a while since i've drawn a moderately chubby person. kinda weird since i look at one everyday (myself lol)

its getting warmer now, bleh

i need to uh....learn how to shade properly also i think i'm getting better at hands? baby steps.

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