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aromoma · 66 days ago

@Ashly noooooo let me pretend that i was gonna draw clothes all along

Ashly · 67 days ago

draw nipples you coward

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this was a dumb fanfic idea that i guess i'll reuse...

She can pick a target and steal their eyesight (view through their eyes). The victim usually isn't aware that they are being spied on. Her main ability would be forcing her victims to stare at a certain point and be unable to turn away from it, that person will become oddly enamored with the object. She can also 'freeze' herself or lock her into place to make her blend into her surroundings as long as she's standing still. She can mess with her opponents optic nerve and change how they perceive their surroundings.

i was talking to smo today about how there aren't many female leader type roles and how female antagonists are either sexy or ugly so

here ya go

ahaha getting somewhere i guess. dont ask me what she's wearing, idk

A submission by aromoma for Daily Art

i should REALLY use ref

A submission by aromoma for Daily Art

i should do some more panel redraws, but i feel like i've finally gotten comfortable with faces

finally i don't have to see another ink pen for another year

A submission by aromoma for Daily Art

*obligatory late upload to make ash think that I messed up my inktober streak*

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