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Uber writing session--lots of dialogue, so it seemed to go really quickly. Hence, the large amount written (although it was over two sessions to get that much written).

small preview:

Delwok cared for the boy, but only so much as a relative. He and Vayad spent little time together, only the bare minimum it seemed. Whereas, he and Natali chatted often. She enjoyed the deep and varied conversation they would have—something his wife and he rarely had. He recognized that Natali merely wanted to glean information from him. So he abliged. There was no one else to talk to, and she did not come around often enough for him to resent her company. She kept mostly away, but her company over the dozen or so times that she came by in those many months was a pleasant change of pace.

Going to a different scene. Again, nothing I can post due to everything being potentially easy spoilers. Will try to post a preview of some stuff soon, if I can manage to write anything that seems vague'ish.

Total from yesterday minus the 343 plus the 1161 from today == 2293!!

No previews today, too much chance for spoilers

Again, no sample, but continuing to write. Feeling good, but needed to submit before the time. Might get around 1300+ words done. Not sure.

Lots of dialogue, lots of description, lots of progress on a difficult scene. The other scenes are also set up to progress nicely and all are at various tipping points that will set up much of the rest of the novel's progression/conflict, etc.

I'm back. Been editing, thinking, planning, and plotting. Sometimes you need to ponder to progress. Pondering was a success!


..."Sorcerer pens? What you keep sorcerer prisoners in?"

"You'll see them here in a few seconds. But yes. They're filled with water and a sorcerer is shackled inside. The metal is kept cool by the water, so that the sorcerer can't melt the chains. Nor can he cast spells since his hands and feel are underwater. Well, you could cast underwater, but the water would dissipate anything but the largest of air disturbance spells. The issue is that since you are underwater, it would likely hurt you far more than the study iron cell. Right?"...