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A submission for Make games. 123

The things I posted about yesterday were inside my comfort level, so today I decided to consider aspects I know nothing about, like sprites, and game art.

I'm going to use Love2D as my engine. Lua seems to be popular within the indie gaming community.

I'll find some simple game art from http://opengameart.org/ . I do plan on making my own, mostly for the learning experience.

Today I did some research on how to get started and will have more time to work on this tomorrow. The last two days I've researched and jotted down my ideas, tomorrow will be less about what I want in a game and more about making anything that resembles a game.

Things to figure out:

how to draw a grid and populate it with different terrains.

A submission for Copywork 9

I did page 3 of S.E Hinton's The Outsiders.

I've only done a few pages, but I'm seeing the benefit already. There's not one correct writing style, so I'm enjoying analyzing each page for the authors writing style and disipline.

A submission for Fit and Active 1

I went for a long way this morning to get breakfast and another one after lunch to visit my mother, this is two more walks than I took yesterday. Also, I bought cucumbers and tomatoes to add some more vegetables to my diet, usually I eat potatoes. meat, and bananas, I'm trying to diversify.

A submission for Copywork 8

Hinton's The outsiders: page 1- page 2

Doing two pages today, and will do at least one a day, possibly until I'm done the whole book.

A submission for 111 Words or More! 58

Writing is something I'm passionate about, I write every day because it brings me peace of mind. I'd like to write about a topic that interests me daily, and also write a bit of fiction daily.

Today I wrote an article about boot camps.

and here is a haiku:

I have on no pants

let's all do the no pants dance

put on pants? no chance

I spent some time today writing out what I want in the game I'm making.

I'm very new to game programming and want to make something small. I'm starting with a piece of code that will allow users to craft gear(like in diablo II or path of exile).

My end goal is a turn based strategy game that encompasses crafting items with random mods.

I plan on working on this at least an hour a day, and at least four hours, three days a week. I also want to set aside time to test other people's games to help my own progression.

things I need to figure out:

how to make some mods more rare to roll than others

how to have each mod have multiple tiers that aren't linear and some that are. (example is a base item having an implicit mod that varies by ten points in comparison to an explicit mod that varies by 200 points. Maybe implicit mods are linear where explicit mods are exponential between tiers)

Certain level items will only be able to roll certain tier mods.

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