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The mystic waters.

Meta comment: A great way to NOT get inspired to do music is to find some kind of problem with the setup, spend 30 minutes tearing down cables and interfaces to find it, only to realize that you pressed the wrong button on the front of the interface that turned off ADAT routing.

Then you spend an hour plugging everything back in again.

12:40 - 14:45: Patching for sounds and trying to do arps on Carbon…

Apparently the Carbon doesn't do arps on hold, which is a nuisance. I am getting a little annoyed with the fact that I've been trying to figure problems out instead of making music, so I think I'm just going to crank something out in the software sequencer.

Total time: 2h 5m. Not very happy with the process, though the end result isn't bad. I wanted to do work with arps but I didn't get a good chance to due to failures of hardware so I went back to old habits. Will need to figure out how to mess with more effects next week.