Inline player

Any chance of a play-without-downloading option on this platform?


Not sure! Alas, I don't think so.

Submissions need to be MP3 to play without download I think.

There is a play button for MP3 songs. Alas, it doesn't work in Safari on my mac while it works without issues in Google Chrome.


I don't have access to a mac. Is it possible for you to try to play a song with the browser console open and share the error message you're getting?


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@leafo when I click play button in Safari the following error message is produced in js console:

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I found the issue, apparently safari's audio tag implementation is flawed in a way that prevents you to fetch an audio file's URL asynchronously and play it in a single click. I'll think about how to do a workaround, but in the meantime you'll have to use chrome or something else if you want it. sorry

ah! i didn't get notifications to these replies so i uploaded as wav, i will use mp3 in the future