Submissions from 2017-11-20 to 2017-11-27 (4 total)

So my first late submit. Today at work we came across custom ringtones on our Grandstream phones and this was a nice challenge, because I had a file limit in .wav format with a maximum of 500kB. So you only have 5 seconds on mono, this is my result.

I was a minute late on submission. Two late submits in a row!

Actual track notes:

- A lot of Nord Lead doing the saws and leads. Some of the bass was Alchemy. Arps were a Massive patch with Logic effects. Drums were a combination of MASCHINE samples and the Basimilus Iteras Alter module on my Eurorack, which was actually super amazing and really brings me some joy.

Sun Nov 26, 2017.

I have a few things on my mind. First, getting down more chord progressions and considering how I can more quickly sequence guitar chords in the sequencer (why is it a piano roll and not a guitar roll?)

Second, how do I get that cheesy Anime OP-ED chord thingy down? (ex: Crossing Field from Sword Art Online.)

Third, I got a few new modules this week, but I didn't get the one I was actually most excited for: Pamela's New Workout by ALM. I might try to do some interesting sounds as a result but they'll be not quite the "final product" so to speak.

Finally, I've been listening to a lot of EDM and stuff with really, really high production values. It would be nice to learn more about production and how to really get that EDM sound design down in like, an hour or less. I know that this takes a lot of knowledge and time that I haven't really invested. I keep complaining about both EDM-style sounds, sound design, production, and mixing, but haven't really internalized it all yet. I think I should get a book or do a regular study session on this now that I've become a million times more comfortable with theory.

16:55 - 19:01 (2h 7m).

(Key: D minor/F major (Bb))

Chords used:

Dm Am Bb C


I probably spent at least half an hour on figuring out what I wanted the backing harmony to be.

Mostly playing with cascading reverbs, delays and pitch shifts in this generative ambient track.

Working on some guitar stuff for something else, I did this week's track all-in-the-box, inspired by a friend sharing a bunch of single-hit drum sounds, mostly from unusual and odd drum machines. This one uses some sounds from a Blofeld, along with handclap samples and a bunch of Ableton Analog and Operator synths. Sends are two convolution reverbs and one set of simple delays.

Title from it being week 47, which is the atomic number of silver.