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Monday, Nov 20.

20:45 - 21:35. I'm late - yesterday was busy. I am doing some home renovation stuff so I spent most of the day doing that rather than making music.

Here's a little diddy. No guitar (it's faster to lay down synth music). Did some live noodling with a sequencer though.


A B D7 E Dsus4 E

Time: 50m.

Another very busy week, but I found a few minutes here and there to play with more vocoded drums (tabla) and some other percussive synth, as well as a drum rack of sampled traps...but it wasn't really coming together until I realized it could work in 5/4. Bass clarified it a bit, though some of the MIDI voices (tabla, Operator organ, Operator percussion with Brushed Bell and Rubber presets) were tricky to time. I added some Electric piano at the last minute, and some automation to the sends: two convo reverbs, and one of bandpass Auto Filter (LFO set to random) into Simple Delay.

Title from the slippery feeling of the 5/4.

Tried to be as fast as I could this time, because I always waste so much time trying out sounds or getting some melodies in my head. The result is not really cool, but I finished it in 2:45h. Still a lot room for improvement.

Had to take care of family this week, so really didn't have time to make anything more than an ambient generative patch.

Going back to where I left off before my hiatus and continuing creating songs that use only my sax for the source for samples. This includes programming beats in DM-1 using key tapping samples I recorded using my sax, then running those programmed sequences through various effects in Logic Pro. Not as much melodic playing on this one, just a couple lines to break it up a bit.
Overall I'm pretty happy with how this came out. Definitely going on the planned EP of songs created in a similar manner.

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