Submissions from 2017-10-30 to 2017-11-06 (4 total)

Sunday, Nov 5.

14:15: I'm trying to learn the sequencer on the Linnstrument. It's taking a bit of time (I probably started an hour ago). I also have to go out tonight in less than 2 hours and I don't have any songs yet, so if I don't get anything started soon you might end up with another modular noise improv this week.

15:45: Finish. The end result is pretty different from what I was practicing because my mini-keyboard that I was playing leads with ran out of power. I wasn't a huge fan of it in the first place, but without it I can't really play a melody so you get random accents instead.

I used Linnstrument's step sequencer for the bass. The wavetable was selected by modulation value, so it ends up being that each note in the sequence is different from the last.

Total time: 1h 30m (without setup time).

Stuff used:

Synthesis Technology E352 for bass

Intellijel Dixie II+ for accents

Roland TR-8 for drums

Linnstrument as a controller/sequencer

A return to guitar (Res-O-Glas) and bass (Epi), here's a drifty kind of track, named in part after the 44th department of France.

I started with a Drumulator part, much faster, and slowed it waaaay down, I added hand drum and hand claps, some Operator bass (which I took out) and organ lines, along with grand piano in Simpler...and based on a dream I had, I went back and split the two drum lines, adding a vocoder chain to each one--Analog on the Drumulator and Operator on the hand drum. Grand piano sounded too...grand-piano-y, so I used auto-filter to reduce bandwidth and sent it to sends only. Guitar got some auto-filter, as did the Drumulator kick (to bring out the peak).

Sends are two convolution reverbs and one LFO auto-filter into Simpler. Full-chain master on the 2-bus.

A short ambient track.

Hi, I'm late joining the streak this year, wanted to earlier but didn't have the guts to submit anything so far. So here's my first little piece, couldn't finish it as a complete song, but might be usable as a loop in a game or something.