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Took a little more time on this one. Using u-he repro-1 for the bass + lead, smackos amiga 909 for the drums as per the usual, recorded some sloppy guitar for the guitar part (...), wrote some dumb dumb dumbity dumb stupid lyrics and then couldn't stand my own voice so I murdered it w/ the vocoder and a grungy drone from my 0-coast as the carrier. I'm pretty happy w/ how it turned out. Think the solo at the end sounds slick and maybe a little less forced then they usually sound. Enjoy (if you want)!

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quick downtempo thing...

Sunday, October 15. I started by making a patch on the modular. I want to get some S&H action going now that I read through the Intellijel Noise Tools manual.

14:20 - 16:50. I really lazy-produced this track and lazy-composed it. It's pretty noodly but kind of has this avant-garde feel to it.

Busy week, so here's some Ableton Electric into two convolution reverbs plus chained delay, and several tracks of Moog guitar through the Reuss RF-01 Repeater Fuzz and Vox Wah.

Title from the lustrous quality of niobium, element 41.

Wow, long hiatus here. I've actually been making music, but lots of different collaborations/side projects/little things and some of it while traveling so I wasn't keeping up with my usual habits. I promise to diligently follow this for the rest of the year, though I've missed so much.

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