Submissions from 2017-10-02 to 2017-10-09 (5 total)

Week 40 of the year, here's a return to real bass and multi-track arrangement. Drum rack of Ableton Analog instruments for synth drums, tabla single-hits, another hand drum single-hit Impulse instrument, one for hand claps, two different instances of the Ableton Electric instrument, Ableton's Operator on the Plastic Vibraphone preset, and real bass. Sends are two convolution reverbs and a delay; there's some inline auto-filter here and there, along with EQ8 and Cabinet on the bass. Varying degrees of sends, some of which are automated. Full-chain master on the two-bus.

Title comes from the heat-resistant properties of zirconium (atomic number 40).

Sunday, October 8.

16:00 - 16:20: Warm-up and scale practice.

16:20 - 18:05: Song finished. Not too many notes.

This was a bit of a lazy entry. I did a lot of practice trying to play E minor on various parts of the neck using one of the pentatonic shapes as a guide, so it's not exactly a song of intense passion - mostly just scale-based noodling, lots of layering, and repeating chords.

In some respect WeeklyMusic has become "guitar practice" but I guess that's not really a bad thing…

Total time: 1h 45m

Simple downtempo loop that turned into a full track. I should pull out ableton Push more often.