Submissions from 2017-08-21 to 2017-08-28 (4 total)

Sunday, August 27, 16:20 - 18:45. 2h 25m

Laying down some beats. Trying to make a few sounds on hardware…

Okay, this turned out okay. The modular patch that I started with is not front-and-center but does some strange and interesting things in the background that I'm happy with. The guitar playing is nothing to write home about but at least can carry the song. I think I wanted to make a progressive synth-pop style song with guitars for some time now and at least this succeeds.

A piece that went through a number of iterations before I found the vibe of a kind of house track. There's a lot of percussion: single-hits on 909, hand drum, tabla, hand claps, some Ableton Collision instruments (marimba and metal plate), Operator for bass, and the sampled Behr stringed instrument from Uganda. Not a lot of inline processing but lots of automation to different sends--two convolution reverbs, a simple delay, and a filter delay. It's long...but that was the vibe.

Title from the fact that quantum dots ( are sometimes made with selenium, which has the atomic number 34.

Pretty much calling it in this week except this is an all hardware ambient recording.