Submissions from 2017-07-24 to 2017-07-31 (5 total)

recorded while riding a train w gaugear

The world is filled with bright lights. Heaven sees them too.

Sunday, July 30. 17:20 - 19:00.

Feeling tired today, so I want to explore a few simple chord progressions and lay down a basic synthpop song. I kind of wanted to try to combine rock/synth a little in this song.

The timing needed work, I ran out of time to work on this.

Total time: 1h 40m.

More guitar than I'd thought I'd use. Lots of convolution reverb. Completely synthesized drums.

Finally found the time to multitrack something. Put together a little instrumental hip-hop piece as a theme for a side endeavor of mine (see my submission for this week's weekly art).

I'm having to revert to making algorithmic pieces to stay in the streak for the year.