Submissions from 2017-07-10 to 2017-07-17 (7 total)

after i was playing at #heroinesofsound festival in berlin i was invited to #medialoca radioshow at #rebootfm berlin - to present my actual work and latest releases

My cat passed away this week, so my ability to concentrate is a little shot. I really loved Timmy, he was a beautiful affectionate creature. RIP Timmy.

I received some direct feedback on the last piece, so I'm going to be a little more careful this time. Live guitar parts, live bass parts, fake drum parts.

Chords: Am Em F C / C Dm G F

Time: 16:00 - 17:45. Total time: 1h 45m

Not my best improv jam, but not my worst (close). Adjusting to being back to work after vacation has been more tiring than expected, plus I had a gig with my other project, so I just got around to doing any of my own music until today.
Some cool ideas in this, but I feel my mix is off. The sax is a bit louder than I like it in the mix and the drums don't seem as blended with my backing synth lines. I was determined to get something posted to, so here it is. Made some alterations to my jamming rig.

In the middle of moving this week, so this is just an improv thing.

Decided to make something using exclusively samples from an old space rock album called Green by Steve Hillage. The tracks I sampled from are 'Ether Ships', 'Unidentified (Flying Being)' and 'UFO Over Paris'.


A submission for Weekly Music 2017 28

looking to record and actually share music again. this one's mostly gibberish