Submissions from 2017-04-17 to 2017-04-24 (6 total)

Another chiptune track. This one is a bit more glitchy than the previous song. This song utilized chip sounding VSTs from Logic along with the NESynth app on iPhone controlled by the WX5 wind controller. I built a custom drum kit in DM-1 using "bit kits" to program the drums. I also using some built in effects in DM-1 of the drum pattern.

For this song I used the following:
-DM - The Drum Machine
- Logic Pro (DAW/various effects)
- NESynth on Iphone
- WX5 Wind controller

*No movie sample this week. :)

Sun, Apr. 23: 13:00 - 15:10. An attempt at a jam.

I'm trying to make more interesting jams. I heard a few things from some other synth guys recently, like:

- They like to use multiple short phrases (8 or even 4 steps)

- Different time steps

- Cut off steps every once in a while

- Use reset a lot

I figure that I can try out some of these techniques in a live jam and see how it goes. A lot of the techniques they mentioned apply to a Eurorack format but I should be able to do a lot even without it.

Total time: 2h 10m

don't narc on me plz

A submission for Weekly Music 2017 16

I'm starting a series of tracks that is "elevator music" for a sci-fi universe. This track is for the a spa on Shantee Station.

Lots going on this week. Here's a quick track mostly in the box, with some guitar, and lots of swelling reverb.

fieldrecording of frisking a coat for a soundinstallation at take fastival vienna next week