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A submission for Weekly Music 2017 13

First late submit for the Oogooloo People, but what do streaks matter to a race of people transfixed in a space beyond time? What is time, anyway? What is space? Do the Oogooloo People understand or even care about either of these things? Do you understand or even care that such a question should even exist? What does it mean to exist? What does it mean to care? Why do we care to exist? Do the Oogooloo People exist? Do the Oogooloo People care that we exist? Why should I care? Do you care to join me in questioning? What does it mean to question? Can a question exist as an intransitive verb? Wait, what was the question?

I worked with a theme: Space Pirates. On earth, there was ice. In space… there is still ice.

Production notes: I worked pretty quickly. The song's not too long and I reused a number of melodies and kept them pretty simple. I wanted to get some amount of chippiness in the tune but not too much.

The song is made with predominantly hardware and some software effects. I am really happy with the sounds the Phenol can make - it forms the background drone and really helped to fill out the track. The rest of the track was made with a Nord Lead 2x and MASCHINE druns. Effects are mostly Valhalla Shimmer and some amount of Neutron, but there's also a few others here and there.

Sunday, April 2, 12:00 - 12:15. Again, I am thinking of Zelda: Breath of the Wild so I'm here to make a quick and interesting song in a minimal amount of time!

It's actually interesting to see how much "quality" I can crank out in a tiny span of time.

I've received a theme from someone: Space Pirates. So let's make it so.

Setup and making patches - didn't get enough time to really get started.

13:15 - 15:25. Compose, sound design, mix. Boom.

Total time: 2h 10m

had lots of fun with this one

It's amazing how much time you can sink into something so small.

demo for a soundperformance- rework of material of 2014

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This is a chord melody arrangement of the jazz standard 'Embraceable You'. This was mainly done as an exercise in utilising different guitar chord voicings, particularly drop 2 and 3 voicings.