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last few tracks have been really tossed together at the last minute. hoping to get some focused modular time this week with a couple of new modules.

anyway there's a trend here: when you don't have any great ideas just crank up the 80s aesthetic

Will probably continue working on this next week.

I'll post the full version later, but I figured no one will listen to all 11 minutes of this improvised odyssey today anyways

This started kind of funky early in the week, and then (as sometimes happens) things got dubby. I started with an 808 kit, and just wasn't getting the impact I wanted. 909 was better, but distracting from the funk feel, so I replaced the 909 with a kit of dry single hit drums. In editing, I slid the snares a tiny bit late, and the hats a tiny bit forward, to see how that'd sit. I added some percussion and claps, and kick and toms from another kit, high-passing this second kick so it was almost another tom.

I added Ableton's Tension instrument for clavinet and Electric for Wurlizer, both going through band-pass auto-filter, with LFO modulation. I tracked bass (Epiphone P/J on P, into the Focusrite), putting a bit of Cabinet plugin inline, along with side chain compression triggered by the kick. Then I tracked guitar (Epiphone Moderne through Vox Wah), putting it through band-pass auto-filter with drive, giving it a small-amp sound.

Most tracks got some automation to the sends--these were two convolution reverbs (large space and large tracking room), and a filter delay with LFO-band-pass auto-filter going into it for extra wah.

All the drums and percussion got 30ms of M4L Humanizer (maybe shouldn't have used it on the drums--some hits seem too late now), and the master channel got full-chain master.

Title from the fact that, according to Wikipedia, "Twelve is the smallest weight for which a cusp form exists."

Warning: High Frequencies

Sun, March 26, 14:15 - 15:30. I bought Zelda: Breath of the Wild recently so I've been a bit focused on that.

For the next few weeks you might be getting some strange modular music.

Live, couple of takes, lots of plug-pulling, no software efects.

Bass 1: Future Retro 777

Drums: TR-8

Lead/arp/weird stuff: Kilpatrick Phenol

Total time: 1h 15m

I feel tapped out... On time, energy and ideas. Next week's has to be better.

dark engergyII


I had to get this week's song done early due to moving this weekend, so I took a more experimental approach. Almost all of the sounds are coming from my sax, other than the minimalistic drum programming. Think of this as sort of a sequel to my earlier track, "Saxually Transmitted". I created a couple droning loops on the sax and then built up from there using various effects in Logic.

For this song I used the following:
-DM - The Drum Machine
- Logic Pro (DAW/various effects)
- Alto Saxophone

*No movie sample this week. :)