Submissions from 2017-02-06 to 2017-02-13 (17 total)

Late again, which seems to be a recurring theme at this point. This piece started with the piano idea at the beginning and just kind of developed naturally from there.

I just did this today. there are words, but i have to redo the vocals...actually i did add the vocals. ill fix them later

This was a strange piece--initially I started it as a house kind of thing--with a shuffle--but it didn't seem to lead anywhere, even after putting on electric piano, synth, and percussion. I ended up nearly doubling the bpm to 151, and then it was...too jittery. So I cut the 909 tempo by half, and it seemed to make sense, in kind of a mello jamz™ kind of way. (Admittedly, a lot of my attention this week was on the Max/MSP patch for a show I'm doing next weekend.)

Instruments: Drum rack of 909 (bunch of filtering on this to tame the highs and accentuate the kick), drum rack of hand drum (low-pass and high-pass auto-filter), Impulse instrument of hand claps (high-pass auto-filter). Two tracks of Electric, one with band-pass auto-filter and one with high-pass, both with LFO and different kinds of drive. I had a couple different synth voices that I ended up taking out--they didn't match where this was going.

Bass: 80s Epi Embassy II (P-pickup) into the board, with some Cabinet plugin.

Guitar: two different tracks of Epiphone Moderne (neck pickup) through EHX LPB2ube, into the board. One channel got high-pass Auto-Filter and Cabinet plugin, while the other got band-pass Auto-filter for that small-amp sound.

All MIDI instruments got a touch of M4L Humanizer (24ms), and everything except bass and 909 got auto-pan.

Sends: Convolution reverb and a chain of Filter delay into Simple delay. Master got the usual Full-Chain Master.

Title comes from the sixfold symmetry of snow, and the fact that it's week 6.

Using two different Vocaloids on this. Avanna for the lead vocal, Megpoid English for the harmony.

I only wrote one verse and a chorus for this because I'm lazy. Maybe I'll get around to writing the second verse later.

Inspired by the song I heard in my friends flat I have created an ambient/chill track with vocals.

Wasn't able to jive with my proposed challenge this week of using only one instrument to make track this week - I am horrible. This track took forever even though it is a super simple arrangement. As before, I feel the transitions between sections could be better and perhaps the mixing is a bit to high frequency heavy.

Bring me from life, bring me back to where I came to be.


i v7 VI III v -> VII (em/B G/B)

am em7j F C em/B G/B

i VII->VII VI v iv i V(maj)

am Gsus4—>G F em dm am/E E

Started this in One Hour Compo (Thursday 21:00-22:20). However I messed up and uploaded late by around 8 minutes.

I started another song and worked on it on Tuesday but it isn't very promising so I might do this one instead because the foundation is more solid and may lead to some more interesting things.

Sat Feb 11 11:30 - 13:20. A bunch of touching up bad sounds, adding some sections, redoing things.

This song needs a LOT more time. I might have to upload it because I don't have more time this weekend… but it.. you know how it is.

Sat Feb 11 22:05 - 22:40. One problem with analog synthesizers: if you take a break and come back to the song, the song sounds different because your instruments aren't quite warmed up.

I need to upload this. I'd like to spend more time on it but out of time this week. It needs more production touch ups, better mixing/compression, and some phase correction work, as well as more consistent drumwork and a stronger B section. So much to work on.

Total time: 3h 55m (including OHC time)


(Previous notes of an abandoned song)

Tuesday, Feb 7, 19:55 - 21:05. Starting early this week because my weekend will probably be busy.

I would like to work on song structure - specifically phrasing and transitions. A lot of my current work has really abrupt transitions and doesn't tell a solid "story".

Luckily there's a chapter in this book (The Everything Music Composition Book by Eric Starr) called "Telling a Story" that I can read.



So far, I'm not really feeling it as far as the "song structure". I like the retro vibe so far but I can't seem to get the lead part sounding right.

Microbrute into Space into OP1 only using the same patch with a whole wheelbarrow of FX on Micro for this weeks gauntlet dropped challenge.


Some Hashplant, but mostly Romulan

My G0d it's full of clowns

look out I'm s







into the liquid... bye

just experimenting, exploring ideas


still experimenting dark energyII in comb w KASTLE

What's up streakers? If you're not on Splice yet, you should be - tons of great resources there, including remix competitions / dope stems!

For this week's submission I jumped on the remix bandwagon and put together a remix of a deadmau5 track. I took 128bpm 4-on-the-floor stems and warped and modified everything so I could use it in a downtempo triple meter. I also made a point of really messing with the instrumental stems to make the sound much more my own, including adding new vocal processing into the mix through cascading background chorus and vocoder elements.

I really like how this one turned out! Check out the entry and gimme a <3 if you like it!

Surdu here. Frasier and I live recorded one of our drum and synth jams and then tore it apart and put a bass underneath it. There is no beauty, only disgusting dopeness.

Okay, so for week 6 I went with the sub challenge presented in the forums of creating a "solo piece" using only one instrument. My instrument of choice of course was my alto saxophone.
To create this piece, I riffed on my sax in E minor. Afterwards I cut certain sections into droning loops, which I then layered underneath the main sax line with different effects. I think this song came out interesting, what do you think?

For this song I used the following:
- Logic Pro (DAW/various effects)
- Alto Saxophone

*No movie sample this week. :)

Hey guys,

This week was rather frustrating for me. I decided to reopen an old skeleton and see if I could finish it out by the deadline, figuring the pressure would help me mold my chord progression into an actual tune. Unfortunately I think it had been so long that I lost the initial vision and the additions I made felt rather robotic.

Maurice (another member) suggested I take a left turn with it so I had a grand idea of taking a huge shift for the second half of the tune, but unfortunately I didn't have time to do it justice. I'm gonna put this one away and maybe down the road it'll get finalized and mixed.

I did manage to make a second awesome chord progression for the minor break though :). Very NGHTMRE esque

mindkiller [W5].wav56mb