Submissions from 2017-01-30 to 2017-02-06 (22 total)

Had a busy week last week so took an old project and pushed it over the finish line. Also tried my hand at homebrewed mastering.

This one's on the weirder front - it's about the times where you feel like you've seen it all and are just left a quivering pile of goop on the ground.

Something I came up with very quickly this evening. Had a lack of inspiration this week.

This is my first complete LSDJ track in years, and this has been composed jumping between the real thing and emulation, using Retropie Linux. Once I finally got my head around the .sav methods of loading and saving tracks, I could start on any device and finish it in an actual Gameboy, or viceversa. That is a great advance, for me at least.

3 channel Gameboy sound rendered under emulation for minor background hiss. Ableton Live for recording and slight reverb, although I'd love to try Linux Ardour for such a simple project. I'd love to check if the sound emulation is completely accurate, but I run out of time and Ill be uploading almost half an hour past the deadline.

Would love to make this into a real game soundtrack, if anyone is interested.

For now, I hope you enjoy it and have a great week.

Had this sketch kicking around this week, wanted to finish it in time to submit. I spent about 2 hours fleshing it out and giving it an initial mix. No arps in this one, sorry.

Just have to do a lil tweaking.

I might redo some of the vox

Tried to recreate eighties sound. However, it was last hour till deadline, so a little rushed made me not develop this entirely,

Using my old Victor Litz Venemans Music Emporium house brand Bradley Les Paul copy. As usual, done with Studio One Artist. Backing vocals - Megpoid English vocaloid.

Here's a track I worked on little by little during the week, and it was ok, but not terribly engaging...until I went all disco-house on the drums. That got it going again.

Production notes: one drum rack of single hits of dry trap kit (auto-filter to roll off lows and highs, add some distortion, and accentuate the resonant peak of the kick, and also parallel processing with band-pass + simple delay and band-pass + grain delay), one track of 909 (auto-filter high-pass with resonant peak to pop the kick, and a low-pass to tame the highs), Impulse instrument of hand claps, and drum rack of hand percussion (auto-filtered for tone shaping).

Keys: two Electric instruments (MKI2 crunchy preset into different auto-filters: one high-pass, and one LFO band-pass). Bass: 80s Epi P-J into the board, side chained to the 909. Guitar: self-built Res-O-Glas Belmont with Alumitones into a band-pass auto-filter with drive, for the small-amp sound.

Sends: one convolution reverb (a church), and one chain of simple delay into filter delay.

Unusually for me, I used the Warm & Wide Drums mastering preset on the master channel, instead of the Full-Chain Master I usually do; this time this one sounded a bit better. Everything except bass and the trap kit got auto-pan, and all MIDI instruments got 24ms of Humanizer.

Title from some free-association from the idea of 5 (for week 5), in that we conventionally have five material senses.

Maybe it's bright disco lights and dance party rave.


Sunday, Feb 5, 11:45 - 12:15. I may use a similar progression as last week's to (1) study it and remind myself what it's about and (2) to see if I can concentrate on stuff like smoothing out transitions.

Last week's notes:


Em Bm C/E G

Bassline melodics:

Em Dm Am B

I didn't really get a lot done in the first 30 minutes - did some browsing of music to get some ideas and poked around at the track a bit, but didn't really lay down anything concrete.

13:25 - 15:00. I don't think I have a lot of time this week (or next week) since I have errands to run, so I'll probably lazy-out this song a bit.

Chord progression:

V1: Em7 Bm7 C G

V2: Em7 Bm7 F#m Dm G Dm7

The chorus is more simple of course, as you can hear.

I didn't really develop this into a complete song… this is more of an idea sketch than a complete piece of music.

One thing I wanted to do was more "weird" noises. But in the end it does get more expansive and consonant.

Total time: 2h 05m (though 30m wasn't really spent composing).


part of a four-track EP about the elements. we had an elemental raffle and i drew air. this one's about a girl with asthma who also plays the tuba. made in 1 hour in amsterdam, the netherlands

i think there is something here but i didn't really find it. will revisit.

For week five I had originally planned on going back to the aggressive noisier side of this project, but never quite got as noisy as I had intended. For reference, I've been simultaneously producing the new EP for my other project Kylmyys and I think some of that influence leaked back over into what I'm doing for Weekly Music. Not in a bad way of course, just not the vibe I had originally planned on creating. Overall I'm pretty happy with how this song came out. Not sure if it's going to fit on one of my intended upcoming EPs or maybe for a compilation.

For this song I used the following:
- DM - The Drum Machine
- Logic Pro (DAW/various VSTs)
- Alto Saxophone

Can you guess which film this week's sample is from?

I started off trying to make some beats at 212 bpm. Then I played with a very noisy synth patch, making it even more noisy in the process. It devolves then sort of returns towards the end. I found it to be strangely calming.

rework of a piece i did to a slide show by vienna based photographer W. Salomon -who explores abandoned islands of venezia - added some fieldrecordings i made during a trainride

I challenged myself to use a whole tone scale completely for this track. I really struggled to find a "home tone", but I think its' there.