Submissions from 2017-01-16 to 2017-01-23 (21 total)

Very late on this one and I'm not sure I'm really finished with this track, but I guess I have to post something! This was definitely my toughest week yet as I've found myself falling in to the trap of being too much of a perfectionist, which is just not an option when you have to come up with something every week. Hopefully as the year goes on I'll be able to quell that a bit.

I've been gravitating towards a tropical-infused sound lately so I decided to embrace it here with flute and steel drum-esque textures and instruments thrown over a few variations of 4-on-the-floor and trappy future bass bump.

this beat is best served piping hot.

This sketch is less involved than last week's. I was really feeling this one until I had to lay down the bassline, then it started to feel like smashing my head against the wall. Very quick (5min) mix, this track deserves better and it has some good ideas but I don't have the time to fix it up right now.

This week I finished another old project, from my early days as an Ableton user. I've struggled for a long time to finish this one, but suddenly I opened the project and it clicked.

It's a really simple and shamefull/shameless ;) exercise of pure 90's style sampling. And for you interested: It's the awesome Teena Marie performing 1980's "I need your lovin'"... Please do yourself a favour and listen to the original version.

So my humble contribution is basically a guy tweaking filters and trying to steal some funk. Total respect and devotion to the masters who gave us 70's disco and rhythm and blues.

I hope you enjoy it. Have a great week, everybody!

This is an incomplete version, you might look for an update later maybe.

This is Surdu's beat, with borrowed/remixed ideas from fellow streakers. Listen to find out if we paid tribute to your work this week!


EDIT: Surdu here. I decided to get meta this week. If you recall, in week 1 Novaturtle submitted an electric piano progression called "Sehnsucht". I dropped it into to my Ableton file early on with the mindset of stealing a couple chords for this week's track. Instead, i pretty much just made a soul hip hop arrangement of the progression, with some looping here and there.

I also made textures out of Jef Dam's bleeps and bloops "Yet Crackles" If you hear something shimmery, that's that.

More recognizably, I've thrown in some Rick and Morty quotes with made up words, burping, and ball-licking.

I apologize for not asking for sample permission, but frankly I wouldn't have taken no for an answer. Everyone in this streak is getting sampled by me this year.

There is so much more I would love to do to this track but hey, seven days is seven days.

For those of you unfamiliar with my work, I adhere to a strict "no presets, no sample packs" policy. All non-sampled sounds have to be built from scratch in Massive and this track is no exception. Every kick, every snare, every bleep and bloop in my music is one-of-a-kind. Most people I meet don't possess the patience to do this, so if you ever want me to build you drum kits, let me know. Aight, see you next week.

I was down with flu all week and finally had a chance to make something.

They use to have computer shows that made the rounds every week. I used to love going to them and looking at all the cheap components. Nowadays people just buy computer stuff at Newegg or Amazon.

Recorded with Presonus Studio One Artist and a Rickenbacker 620.

Visting new worlds and finding new joy.

A song about cheer and adventure and fun. Made with mostly software synths, but has some flavors of Nord Lead and Future Retro 777.


Sun, Jan 22. 13:00 - 15:00. Today, I'm exploring different harmonic constructions. I am not going to specifically label what I plan to use today, but things that I discovered were a thing this week include:

* Secondary dominant chords. So you might have a ii chord in your song, you can use the relative 5th of the ii chord as a V/ii chord. So a V/V chord in C maj is D major as D major is 5 scale degrees above G major (which is 5 above C major).

I got this from a book on composition I got a long while back but now I'm exploring how it's actually used in music.

Here's a stackexchange article:

The other thing for me to work on is transitions, as that was some feedback I got from the previous song I posted last week.

In this short theme, two of the secondary dominants are D major to G major and C major to F major.

Verse has a bunch of weird stuff going on in it but it has a neat effect.

The chorus is a standard iv-IV-V-I but there's some bass movement.

I didn't work very hard on the sound effects or mixing though today.

Total time: 2h

This week I wanted to hear something dubby and bass-heavy, with two bass lines going, and this is the result. Tracks: Drum Rack of a trap set played with brushes, with Auto-Filter for tone-shaping. Also a Drum Rack of hand drum hits, Impulse instrument of hand claps, and a 909 kick, all of them going through Auto-Filter to varying degrees as well.

Keys: Electric piano (MKI2 Crunchy) through LFO Auto-Filter for a wah effect, and Operator (Funky Organ).

Bass: two channels of 80s Epiphone P-J (P-pickup only) straight into the board. One channel got 50% of a Cabinet plugin, and the other got Auto-Filter (high-pass with drive) and compression to tame some variance.

Sends: convolution reverb, and a channel of LFO band-pass Auto-Filter into Simple Delay into Filter Delay. The percussion got automation to go to the delay channel at different times, while that was nearly constant for the electric piano. All MIDI instruments got M4L Humanizer, and everything except the trap set and primary bass got Auto-Pan. The master channel got Full-Chain Master for compression/limiting.

Title from the dub feel and ride cymbal.

Fully Analog Track.This week I have decided that I am going to create a song using only Korg Minilogue sounds. So here it is, no samples, no drums, no vsts were used in the creation of this track. Effects were only ableton built in delay and reverb. I chose name - Calendar, because only in the last day I have decided to create this, that's alert for me to plan things even more.

A track from an album I've been working on.

For week three I went back to the more aggressive, noisy sounds of the first week. In fact, I believe it will be my intention to alternate between "nasty" and "nice" sounds for the first few months of this challenge. I've been listening to a lot of early music from The Bug lately and I think that it had a bit of influence on where I went with this song.

For this song I used the following:
- DM1 - The Drum Machine
- Various Logic Pro VSTs
- Bass Guitar (with bass POD)
- Drone Thing
- Alto Sax

As with my previous entries, I challenge you to place what movie my samples are from. Can you guess it?

made again w kastle, lower speed and an effect named and created after one of my all time favorite bands pan sonic

Was feeling very lazy and uninspired this week, but something is better than nothing I guess.

They got me movin'
They got me movin' faster.
They got me rollin'
Rollin' my eyes.

They paint the walls white.
They paint the walls white like alabaster.

I'm movin' faster

Mama told me not to go down that road,
so I listens to her, listens to her--
you don't know.

They got me holdin'
They got me holdin' on.
They got me rollin'
Rollin' thru the storm.

Safe and warm's what I wanna be,
But I'm weak in the knees.

Mama told me not to go down that road,
so I listens to her, listens to her--
you don't know.

Kind of dark ambient this time around. ~2hrs in Live with this track. ambient drone is a loop from a prior song pitch shifted for fun.

Was going for as quick as possible song from jam to arrangement really. Didn't have a real musical idea in mind as I made this. What needs work on this track: transitions, more variation in beat, energy build up is kind of stale...

I'm looking for feedback/ideas for good transitions and energy building techniques that would work well with the ideas in this track. Also I suck at programming drum beats, so any feedback there would be great! Thanks!

insomnia infused field recordings of a wood burning stove

the desert doesn't care about music theory so these guys just do whatever. spent around two hours and used fm8 in ableton live for everything but the drums. i tried to write cool bass lines, think outside of my usual melody comfort zone, and just fill them out a bit, pretty pleased with the result but the mix is probably terrible. fun one to put together though!

I tried to break out of my pattern of dark music and make something upbeat. Created entirely on the Teenage Engineering OP-1. Beat samples are created from vocal track.