Submissions from 2019-12-23 to 2019-12-30 (8 total)

Late again - somewhat ironically as i've written about 6 tracks - however none were properly finished. So this was one of several tracks from this week's session (which continued from last week's session). The set up was i had the noise layers all down and i'd mix into them. It took me a few hours of sample loop faffing to get this down, plus a simple sequence off the CS80V to add some tonality.

Such an inglorious end of year and streak for me. Late submits and missing weeks. Didn't feel like making music in december, my cat died of cancer and it made me really depressed. Started this track a couple weeks ago as an attempt to deconstruct bass of this track -
Arrangement and mixing I'm not proud of.
Was going to start a track for the last week here, but apparently it's not late-submittable for some reason.
So this is my last submission here. Probably upgraded version of it will go to weeklybeats first week. Or maybe gonna find inspiration for another track.
Anyway thank you all for being on this site and streak, these were wonderful and most prolific weeks for me electronic music wise!

A quick jam with Modular and Meeblip Geode synth (which did the bass).

Sequenced with Deluge and Stillson Hammer MkII. Featuring odd sounds from Plaits and Cursus Iteritas.

I think I'll be trying to work on good melodic parts more this coming year. Doing house and techno beats is fun, but if I can create better melodies it's going to make all of the difference for me.

Lots going on this final week with the holiday, but I did manage to complete a track...even with a power outage Sunday night.

Part of the concept this week was to include instruments and effects I accumulated in 2019, so we have an acoustic guitar part ( size-2 parlor) and two electric parts (PureSalem Mendiola, courtesy of Premier Guitar's Mystery Stocking), one of which went through the Balls Effects KWB pedal. Otherwise...this started first as a kind of dub dirge, but got a bit funkier. Other instruments: two drum racks (Cassette 606, Ableton Cyndal kit), Ableton Operator (Funky Organ preset), Ableton Electric (MkI2 Crunchy preset).

Sends: one convolution reverb, one tweaked Echo.

Title from Ernest Rutherford's coinage of "alpha" and "beta" for different kinds of radioactive emissions. (Element 104, the last in our weekly element-related tracks series, was named for him.)

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Finishing up this year by absolutely totally cheating and building a Pure Data patch that shoots generative MIDI sequences at my Roland XV-5080. I did not have time at all to mix and work on this more, so here you have a quite "raw" version of it.

Thanks to everyone who has listened, liked and commented. I hope you have a nice year end holidays time and that next year will be even better than this one!

Not sure why, not feeling very Christmassy at all this year.

happy yule and happy #52 y'all!