Submissions from 2019-12-09 to 2019-12-16 (7 total)

A Quick One Before the Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut

Lots going on this week, including patching for an upcoming show. But here's a track, built up in response to a vague sense of syncopated rhythm. Drums: Ableton's Brush Rack, Acoustified, 20, Impulse of handclacps. Keys: Ableton's Electric (MkI2 Crunchy), Simpler Grand Piano, and bass.

Title from the symbol for this week's element, Nobelium.

Chill-out house I guess. Recorded live, as usual. Going to bring this one to the local modular meetup.

Used the modular with Deluge on partial sequencing and chord duty.

rolling with what feels like a consistent sonic style for this month.

shout out to @thawkins, I spaced on replying at the time, (not sure this site even notifies on replies?) but your comment a couple of months ago got me thinking about headroom a lot more, which was key in mixing this one (and also I'd never heard of Six Organs Of Admittance but now have him on my spotify and I appreciate that as much as the comparison)

I like to thinks most things are, but I have my doubts.

bit rushed....anyway.... So this started as a dub track. Sometimes I like to try to break down chords into melodies but with a deep sub and kick driving the whole piece. Then i faffed with a vocal sample to kinda do something a bit weird and diffrent. Finally added some melodies to finish it off. Could probably do with a remix to build it up better but i'm so short on time what with Crimbo coming up. The vocal is a bit loud too. Kinda finished as a deep tech house thing i guess.