Submissions from 2019-11-18 to 2019-11-25 (7 total)

An attempt to write a track with only one bitwig's stock synth - polysynth, and without using presets, making all sounds from scratch. Except for drum track, which I originally was going to compose out of stock bitwig drum instruments, but failed and used samples for kick and snare. Hats and cowbells are E-Hat and E-Cowbell bitwig devices.

Also decided to write in dorian mode, never tried it before.

Lead and cowbell are kinda stolen/insiped by this awesome track -

A couple of evenings spent trying to achieve decent mix, another realization how awful I am at mixing, just don't know what should I do when it sounds bad, blindly tweaking eq.

Picture is just for fun and to remind myself not to spent bunch of time on silly automation instead of actual composing :)

A fast song! Techno! Beats! That arp sample that I always use. There's NOTHING risky in this song at all. It was still fun.

A reactive piece built up from a general sense of drum groove. One realistic-ish drum rack (64-pad rock kit), one 808 (mostly kick, with occasional obvious drum machine snare), hand claps, two channels of Epiphone P-J bass, and three channels of Epiphone Moderne guitar (through Vox Wah). I'd had a line of keyboards I took out. Auto-Filter with drive on one guitar channel, Auto-Pan on 808 and high bass, Drum Buss on the rock kit.

Sends: two convolution reverbs, and a channel of Echo.

Title from the property of this week's element, Einsteinium, which is radioactive enough to damage its crystal structure just by existing.

3/4 of "noise for november"

similar techniques as the last two. heavy use of Glitchmachines Hysteresis and Fracture, and some dBlue glitch. electric toothbrush bass, unplugged instrument cable, and a clock voice from SymptohmPE

Another dub track with various versions - i like this version but like all my stuff it took a retro techno bent.

Crazy week, so i'm posting a "work in progress" jam of a track i'm working on with a vocalist. Actual result will probably be something different cause i kinda got carried away there. :p

Another old one found on the desktop. It continues for a long time after that part, but I did not have time yesterday to finish the rest. Besides, it would spoil the suprise too. :)