Submissions from 2019-10-28 to 2019-11-04 (8 total)

Made this in bitwig 8-track(got it with computer music magazine 01/2019, originally was going to buy cheap nektar midi keyboard to get bitwig 8track, but found out that I can get it with CM magazine instead, you can still get it despite they say it only worked till 20.02.19).

The whole track is built around harmony and melody from a bitwig library midi clip, I was looking through presets and clips and found this one that I really liked and started to try it with different stuff. Copied the same midi to another track, added random arpeggiator and liked how it sound with some commodore64 sfz, so decided that all other sounds should come from the same pack(which i got from bedroom producer blog if I remember it correctly). Later rendered arpeggiated midi and rearranged parts that I didn't like.

So all tracks are c64 samples except the pad, which actually a preset that came with the midi clip(I only removed the effects and added more FM). I also added modulated bitcrusher on top of it to make it more chiptune :) By the way, modulation approach in bitwig is really amazing, I really like that all stock synths and plugins look really simple due to lack of lfos, envelopes and other noisy looking stuff which can be added in separate really convenient and powerful modulation section.

Now after mastering(i.e. limiting 🐸) I realised I don't like how its mixed, the pad has some unpleasant quality, probably should have done some eq in hi-mids. And the whole mix sounds too harsh even to my taste. But whatever, its sunday night and I should go to sleep.

Also the track asks for some B-section with some other chord progression. I'm gonna return to finishing this track someday...

Just home from Iceland so very little time and whilst some of you might be expecting something akin to Sigor Ros, i just wanted to put out something hard, fast, and rather poorly mastered.

An all-in-the-box yoctonaut track this week. Two drum racks: one percussion (Plena kit), and one 808 (Kit-808 Classic), an impulse kit of hand claps, and three tracks of Operator--one with just one oscillator, and two with two. I had two return channels, but just used one of them, the Echo. There's some Drum Buss on the 808, and some Auto-Pan on some tracks. Full-Chain Master on the stereo master.

Title from the anecdote that Seaborg revealed the existence of this week's element (Curium) on the radio show Quiz Kids. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Some techno for you all. This is a mini-practice for a synth meetup I'm going to tomorrow.

It's done with Eurorack modular, Analog Four, Octatrack, TR8s, for a LOT of musical tracks, but I only use one track on the Octatrack and two tracks in the Analog 4.

This was a surprisingly difficult tune to pull off and towards the end I got really fed up with it, to be honest, hence the rough bits.

Continuing work on finishing the old project from 2 years ago. I must have re-done the bass 6-7 times and I am still not happy about it. No more time this week to mess around, so uploading it now.