Submissions from 2019-10-07 to 2019-10-14 (9 total)

My first late submit, was going to make some track in the last hours before deadline at night, but in the process realized that I actually really like whats comes out and would like to work on it little bit more. So late monday submit instead of work. Spent much more time than should, realized how bad I am at mixing, should somehow learn it.

Nice little drum and bass maybe thing

no trope tickets this week, i think i may need to improve them to avoid burnout- and it's also been a bit of a week. quick concept jam in ableton. title will hopefully make my wife smile after spending her day off doing rather intense automotive repairs.

Emotional note here is groovy with a hint of mystery and apprehension.

Another live song to polish up more live skills and arrangement skills. A common problem with me is that I don't create good lead sounds, so this is something I think I need to practice a bit more.

Decided to finish this project I found on my desktop.

Suddenly, instrumental power pop. This week started with the little legato line you hear in the left channel, and the rest followed along: drums (the Ableton 64-pad rock drum rack, percussion from a maraca sample), three channels of Res-o-Glas guitar (a couple of them through the EH LPB2ube), and Epi P-J bass. A fair amount of auto-filter on guitar, and EQ-8 on bass. Sends: two convolution reverbs. Full-Chain Master on the master channel.

Title from this week's element, Neptunium.

threw some of my esx1-era samples on digitakt and messed about.

In some ways it doesn't feel like a year but in others it feels like a lifetime.