Submissions from 2019-09-23 to 2019-09-30 (9 total)

Quick dub - been a busy week for me so late again.

It's almost SPOOKY TIME! Also, I don't know how I feel about this one. Really focusing on the sound design so I think the structure and just feel of the song is everywhere.

An all-in-the-Eurorack techno track that I made to try to exercise a new module, uPlaits by Tall Dog (which itself as a smaller version of Mutable Instruments Plaits). It's playing the repeated sequence that you hear throughout the entire song.

There are a few things I should have done after I tried a few takes - I think I should have applied a few more effects to the Plaits and maybe also set up another set of sequences to switch between. I think I'm kind of outgrowing the Stillson Hammer mk2. However I'm mostly happy with the arp sequence, the drums (BIA for the win) and the rather anxiety-inducing lead. Also, it's easy to accidentally self-resonate the Morgasmatron, so I need to remember not to do that if I don't want ear-piercing sines (like at the end of this recording).

I admit that I didn't really think of an emotional tone before starting, but overall it's an apprehensive emotional tone.

Tried nanoloop app this week, have never designed kick and snare from scracth before. I like the restrictions this app provides, curious what other kinds of music I could make in it without using samples.

Last minute monotribe jam.

This week's track was an in-the-box kind of thing. I'd been thinking of doing something house-influenced, so put together 606 samples, percussion samples, hand-claps, Ableton Analog synths (bass, lead, pad), and then threw some Simpler grand piano through a low-pass and high-pass Auto-Filter with drive for a tiny-speaker feel. Sends: one convolution reverb and one Echo (tweaked to be less noisy and wobbly, and with a longer delay period.) Master channel got some pseudo-mastering assistance from Izotope Ozone 8 (free at the moment) on the more-depth preset.

Title from the crystalline shape of one isotope of this week's element, protactinium.

random generated themes:

industrial, no vocals, beat=random loop, ambient flavor

title is a nod to the random loop i grabbed from looperman to build around:
Disturbeats 256 of 666 by flsouto

For this week I have a live set (with all the warts and cringy mistakes left in - I did adjust the gain on 2 tracks but nothing else) that I performed yesterday.

Also in high definition glory here:

I thought I'd have a go at making a chip-tune in FastTracker 2 just like the old days. It's not amazing but was enjoyable and made me want to try something more.