Submissions from 2019-09-16 to 2019-09-23 (9 total)

Old Piano ambient dub thing i found and remastered. Been on nights so not had a lot of time.

Named after an old band I had. It will probably be a while until I write chiptune so enjoy this one!

I reused the live set I created earlier this week for One Hour Compo because that's what happens when you're lazy but still want to make Weekly Music deadlines.

That all said it really isn't that simple. I redid the lead arp compared to the previous live song, I changed the lead timbre, and then I envisioned a better set of transitions and scene changes.

Song overall is pretty simple. I actually recorded a single take.

I really wanted to give the song a "chill", cyberpunk/electronic feeling, with a bit of groove and direction. That was the aim, I hope I made it!

This week's track was about playing with some syncopated rhythms, which then coalesced into something funky. Drums: one Drum Rack with the Crossroads Kit preset, one 808 Status Quo, one with some tabla samples, and one set of handclaps. Operator on the Funky Organ preset. One track of Epiphone P-J bass, and two of Res-O-Glas guitar (one clean with Vox Wah, and one with Reuss RF-01). A bit of Drum Buss and M4L Humanizer on the Crossroads kit, and EQ-8 on the bass.

Sends: one convolution reverb, one Delay, and one Echo. Full-Chain Master on the mixdown.

Title from the way that thorium-treated lenses will darken over time.

Asked a friend to show me how to make good stuff with arpeggiators in ableton, ended up with some 8bit reverbed sparkly pad. Was going to make an ambient piece out of it, but ended up with slowed down amen break on top, so it became some kind of trip hop I guess.
The distorted lead somehow turned to sound very similar to Astrobrite, which is one of my favorite shoegaze bands

Got my old Gameboys customised and back in action this week so here's a tune made with LSDJ. First time I've used it in a good 10 years but it came back really easily.

Themes for this week:

"fake rock
down tempo"

This was sitting on my desktop, waiting to be finished. All sounds from Roland XV 5080. Hope you enjoy the trip. :)